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Sometimes it feels like the world is doing great and you are missing something.
Sometimes It feels like you have not done enough to survive despite all the pain you’ve
been through
Sometimes it feels like, you don’t deserve yourself.
All are LOVED, except You.
Perhaps, when you die from suicide, others will be blamed for it
They will pay for not noticing you.
You have ALL, yet you DON’T
Can’t anybody see the pain and the hurt

Why is loneliness the Love partner?
Nothing completes than LOVING yourself first.
Nothing is more truly expressed like what is ugly
Nothing as beautiful when it is marred
Nothing as peaceful when all is lost
Sometimes, NOTHING is beautiful.
Marred is beautiful
Pain is beautiful
You are very beautiful even though marred, lost in pain, and all left out.
Sometimes marred, lost in pain, and rejection is all you need to stand out.
Sometimes it takes NOTHING to be YOURSELF.
When the desire for something or someone is far beyond your reach,
simply trust that, expecting NOTHING is SOMETIMES, far greater and more rewarding than being with what you desire.

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  1. Thank you!!!, Great Video, Very Interesting!!!, I Will try and practice more often. Alysia Roma Gambrill

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