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Brief History


JackSnipe is a new company established in 2018. A parent company that currently nutures three subcompanies. These are just fresh foods, muje, and Asheke. These produce foods, art and craft and the exportation of raw materials respectively . She aims at empowering African girls and women by buying their unique products and selling them to the global community , teaching them skills and providing them tools they can work with to generate more income. We currently have less than 10 employees with some who work on part time basis. We are located in Accra,Ghana West Africa. She is owned by a proud African woman.


Our Mission

is to set up businesses that uniquely serves the needs of all persons with much ease to promote health, provide comfort and luxury and establish good interpersonal relationships within the business and non-business environment. Our Mission will be to be that friend to the widow and help her in the little way
we can by raising funds for them. Also, if possible, attract other social philanthropists, groups and organization to them.


Our Vision

To set up at least one authentic business that will be a household brand to compete with in terms of it’s scale venturing features, its business models and strategies within the next decade.


With the Internet spreading like wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more girls and women lives are also being transformed by JackSnipe

Towns Reached

happy women



An authentic art piece that reminds you and tells the world, how BEAUTIFUL (body and soul) YOU ARE. Nobody can ever be like you.

Join us! It will only take a minute


As part of our vision, we want to help, encourage and bring joy to the hearts of
widows. Why widows? They are the most vulnerable after children. Most “less sort”
for groups. Most widows after the death of their spouse LACK EMOTIONAL CARE.
Many widows do not have the courage to marry again. This comes as a result of
been tagged a whore and/or the person responsible for the death of her spouse. The
opposite is very different. In Africa, with reference to Ghana, most widowers marry
less than six months after they lose their spouse. They are hailed and they walk free.
Widows are made to undergo unnecessary funeral rites which is physically and
psychologically abusive. This goes down to affect their self-worth. To make matters
worse, some communities tag such women as witches, especially when these
widows have grown into old age or they lost their spouses very early.
Aside emotional crises, a widow may face financial support especially if she
depended on her husband as a source of livelihood. Yet, again she may face even
more pressure financially if she has children to take care of. I ask, who will she ask
to solicit help? She is trapped. She can go into depressive mood and if care not
taken, might commit suicide.

We want to promote “PAINT AND PLAY, THE PAIN OUT”. To begin with, we will
locate widows through surveys from villages and widow association groups in
Ghana. We have located several. Our team will then move in to interact with these
widows and teach them how to paint. We will then give 0 or more paint canvasses to them. They will paint in groups amidst music, play and social interactions. 10% of the
proceeds sold from their paintings will be donated to them.them. They will paint in groups amidst music, play and social interactions. 10% of the
proceeds sold from their paintings will be donated to them.


Our schedules for the year 2020

February 11 th

A visit to Vume in the Volta Region, donation exercise (Food
and consumables)a visit to Vume in the Volta Region, donation exercise (Food
and consumables)

12 th May

PAINT AND PLAY, THE PAIN OUT (maiden edition)PAINT AND PLAY, THE PAIN OUT (maiden edition)

14 th July

unveiling the first maiden paint works on social mediaunveiling the first maiden paint works on social media

December 22 nd

fulfilling our promise by giving back the 10% of monies
generated from the campaign. Recap through pictures and report for the year and outline program for the incoming year

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