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Written by: SHEILA OCLOO

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Why do people call others sinners?

Why do people classify certain sins? One as abominable and the other, not.

I thought sin IS SIN. Sin doesn’t have relations.

Can’t people see that our existence in this world is nothing but chaos, pain and vague? If so, then why do we make it difficult for our neighbor to live peacefully?

Something bothers me, why can’t we show people THE WAY or find solutions for these “sinners” instead of criticizing, tongue lashing, demeaning them and false accusing them.

Interesting enough, when the so called “righteous” find themselves in a similar soup they blame it on the DEVIL. Their soup tale is usually enriched with assorted fishes, way detrimental than many others we have heard or encountered.

Can you imagine stealing drugs for your sick spouse? Can you imagine another woman kissing you genuinely out of love the first time after your DAD or Uncle raped you continuously as a teenager? Can you imagine hating a particular race or tribe because they sent your son to jail for 30 years for a crime, they know he never committed? How about loving animals because your birth mother abandoned you in a bush and it was lower animals who helped you survive?

It saddens my heart when people say they know GOD. They love THE GOD they have not seen with their eyes yet they scorn the neighbor THEY SEE. I watch how people are ever ready to CAST THE FIRST STONE. They forget they live in a glass house called PERFECTION. What happened to CORRECTION WITH LOVE?

Let us take it easy on our friends and neighbors. Until we know their full story, we will NEVER understand. Until the FOUNDATION IS REPAIRED, THE BUILDING IS WEAK. It takes time to repair a foundation, so must we have time for others by showing love, patience and kindness. Until then, I am really bothered.

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