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Month: April 2020

JackSnipe !..... always sailing. ..


WRITTEN BY: SHEILA OCLOO Sometimes it feels like the world is doing great and you are missing something.Sometimes It feels like you have not done enough to survive despite all the pain you’vebeen throughSometimes it feels like, you don’t deserve yourself.All are LOVED, except You.Perhaps, when you die from suicide, others will be blamed for…
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WRITTEN BY: SHEILA OCLOO Can you imagine meeting someone for the first time and it feels like you have known them forever? You fall in love instantly. You try to do everything for this person over a period of years:You paint this person on a portrait canvassYou sing for this personYou invite this person out…
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WRITTEN BY: SHEILA OCLOO If I had known that was our last hug, I would have held you tighter.If I had known that was the last time, we had a decent exchange of pleasantries,I would have concocted thousands of questions to keep you talking.If I had known that was the last most beautiful look you…
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